5 Hacks to Modify a Rented Apartment & Keep Your Deposit

Anyone who is a renter will be familiar with the stresses of living in someone else’s home. You are always worried about an unscrupulous landlord keeping your security deposit. But on the other hand, you want to be able to make your house your home, just like everyone else. Here are five hacks to modify your rented apartment while causing no damage and keeping your deposit intact.

Posters & Art

You may not be allowed to paint or modify the walls in any permanent way, but there is nothing to stop you from hanging art on the walls. There are a variety of options when choosing what to hang on the walls. Original art may be expensive, but prints are not, and who knows the difference? With every mobile phone having a high-resolution camera, you must have at least a few decent snaps, and with the image quality these days, any picture can be blown up to poster size, even on a canvas.


Changing the flooring is clearly not an option, but you can add to it. Rugs are a fantastic way to get the style and color of floor covering without the expense of having a whole carpet fitted. Also, unlike carpets, they will certainly fit in any home. A rug can be taken out and cleaned before being returned to position.

Portable Appliances

Often you will find a private landlord will provide only the bare necessities in terms of appliances, but we all deserve a bit of luxury, do we not? If we want a Mitsubishi wall air conditioner, we can just make sure it’s a portable model, this way, we can take it with us when we eventually move. Using portable appliances can be true of tumble driers, heaters, and more.

Removable Wallpaper

Did you know that there is a type of wallpaper that is designed to be a temporary fix and can be removed after some time to change it to a new look? Until recently I had no idea that removable wallpaper even existed. But when you look into it there are so many choices; from the rally subtle and plain designs up to complex murals. We can even have custom orders made up; you can have anything you like on your wall.

Ornaments, Antiques & Decorative Items

Nothing quite personalizes a home like items that have meaning to you and say something about your life. Take Jason Mamoa’s camera collection, he’s a guy that has an interest in cameras, not only as items but as beautiful ones too. You may choose to display ornaments or sculptures that say something about you. It could be shelves of old books or a record collection. Whatever the thing that makes you feel that is what should be on display in your home. There are so many examples I can think of from friend’s homes, such as vintage movie posters, African carvings; the list is endless.

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