An Overview of Web Apps and How They Could Improve Your Business

The web, computers, and tech have completely transformed the modern business landscape in everything from email to e-commerce sites and have helped streamline the way firms operate through the first part of this century.

Now, as the web enters a period of what many would argue is relative maturity (it’s worth remembering the modern internet is just a little over 30 years old), the trend for useful websites and applications is beginning to take precedence over just the dissemination of information. In today’s highly networked world, clients are looking for added value from websites – for sites to do something rather than just say something.

The age of web applications

Where once static, largely passive websites were all the rage, today’s internet-savvy users want more from their web services – a fact that has played no small part in the current growth of web applications.

Websites vs web apps

Before looking at how a web app could benefit your business, it would perhaps be prudent to outline the primary difference between the two. In short, a website passes text, images, video, etc., from a server to the user over a browser in a largely passive experience – in real terms, the user is rather like a passenger, albeit with the ability to choose their own content.

On the other hand, a web application is a piece of software that runs and processes on a server – again accessible through a browser, but this time performing a useful function – and within that statement lies the clue to why a web app could be so useful for your business.

Just as with any other software, the user passes information to the program, which then churns out a result at the other end. A web application development company can take pretty much any concept you have and transfer it into a bespoke piece of software for the benefit of you or your clients.

Advantages web apps could bring your firm

Given the diverse range of options that are possible when developing web apps, it would be well-nigh impossible to outline specific benefits they might bring. A bespoke app could potentially address any number of functions in your firm that you currently process manually. However, as a general guide, a web app could:

  • Increase efficiency in your workplace by streamlining your current working practices and amalgamating data into one central source. An app will also likely free up resources and time that could be better spent on aspects of your company that make money
  • Improve accessibility leading to a truly mobile workforce. As your apps and associated data are stored online, they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – and given most of us have mobile devices these days, that means pretty much anywhere
  • Increased security from having files stored and backed up remotely
  • Provide an easily scalable and customizable software solution for your firm
  • Reduce maintenance and repair fees by being held remotely, typically supported by a cloud service provider that will look after all your upkeep and running costs and concerns.

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