Five Jewellery Items Every Man Should Own

Jewelry is one of those things that men don’t really think about. To buy the missus as a Christmas or birthday gift is the only time that it generally crosses our minds. But, are there pieces of jewelry that you should own? Here are our top five.


Every man should have a watch, however, the style that you wear will be different. A lot of people like to wear a Smart Watch every day to help keep track of their fitness. A lot of the SmartWatches can be stylistic, such as the Samsung watch which comes with a leather strap option. Don’t be afraid to send a little money on a watch as they can be investment pieces that will last for years.


Some men don’t like to wear a ring other than a wedding ring, and this is fine. However, if you do decide to wear a ring, it needs to be one that you can wear every day. An everyday ring should slide over your knuckle and not affect the circulation. If you want a little bling, can give plenty of information about how to choose a diamond to go with your jewellery. How many rings you want to wear is up to you and how many you feel comfortable with on your hands.


How do you feel about wearing a necklace? Some men don’t like to wear them but some don’t feel complete without one. A chain that is made from gold or silver is enough for a man. Wearing a religious item, such as a St Christopher is a way to carry your faith about with you all day. They don’t need to be worn every day, but they are, they should complement your outfit or be able to be tucked away and hidden under your suit.


If there is one item of jewellery that screams sophistication for a man, it is his choice of cufflinks. You might not wear a suit that often but when you do, you might need some cufflinks. Most shirts don’t need them but there are the suit shirts that will require a set of cufflinks to hold them together. Cufflinks can be simple or complicated in their design. When it comes to cufflinks, it helps to have a few pairs available for different occasions.

Tie pin

If there is one thing that has fallen out of fashion, it is the tie pin but it looks like it is coming back with a bang. The idea behind the tin pin or clip is to hold your tie in place so that it does not swing about. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing a tie pin to help finish off an outfit. One thing to be mindful of, make sure that your tie pin should match your cufflinks if you are wearing them. It is possible to get matching sets, or tie pins by themselves.

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