How to be a Modern Man

Some styles become classics and stand the test of time. The dapper look is one of these styles. Think back to what the leading men in the old black and white movies had in common – they were dashing. They wore the right clothes and had an air of sophistication about them. The classy gentleman is making a comeback now. The following points summarize how modern men are achieving this look and lifestyle.


Dress Attire

The modern dapper man understands the importance to proper business attire for daily wear. His closet contains three piece suits, plus accessories that give an appreciative nod to older days, such as tie bars, cufflinks, suspenders, silk handkerchiefs, hats and pocket watches. The modern twist makes the look smart, but not stuffy. Suits must be well tailored, but can be colors other than the standard grey. Shoes should be classic leather styles that are kept in good condition with leather care products. Winter wear includes a wool coat, in black, grey or brown, and a scarf.

Clothes are to be ironed and kept in good order, including casual wear. Nice trousers or stylish jeans, paired with a long sleeved shirt or sweater, are perfect for a weekend of relaxing with friends.


Hair for this look is to be kept trimmed and held in a style with a modern styling product, such as a gel or shine crème. The dapper look calls for paying true attention to the hair, more than simply running a brush or comb through it. Hair should not be left shaggy and unkempt.

The Art of Shaving Pack

Shaving for men is of great importance as well. The dapper man knows how to use a shaving brush with shaving cream to get a better, closer shave. Shaving properly with the use of good products, gives a look of sophistication and class. Male skin care, in general, has received more focus and goes far beyond soap and water. Moisturizing after shaving keeps skin looking younger and fresher.

Food and Drink

The swank man of the day may enjoy a beer, but he also knows his cocktails. He savors the nuances of different drinks, rather than drinking simply to become intoxicated. Dining out means much more than getting a burger. A modern man of class knows the pleasure of taking his date to a nice restaurant.


The dapper man has confidence and swagger, but is not a jerk about it. He understands the importance of social etiquette and charm. He is comfortable at both formal dinners and casual affairs.

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