Take Good Care of Your Car This Winter

It’s always inconvenient when your car breaks down but it’s particularly frustrating when you’re stranded in the rain or snow. If you want to avoid walking miles in the rain or waiting for a bus when the wind is biting cold, then it’s vital to take good care of your car. To ensure your vehicle is prepped for Winter, take a look at the simple maintenance tips that can keep your car on the road:

Check the Oil when the Car’s Warm

It’s important to check the oil level on your vehicle at regular intervals. However, checking the oil when the car is cold can make the level look low. By checking the oil levels when the vehicle’s warm, however, you’ll get a more accurate reading. Too much or too little oil can cause damage to a car engine, but it only takes a few seconds to check the level and add a little more oil, if required.

Test the Battery

An empty or faulty battery is a leading cause of breakdowns, so don’t get caught out this Winter. Car batteries typically need to be changed around every three years, although there is some variation depending on how you use your vehicle. However, if you don’t use your car frequently, the battery could discharge fairly quickly.
By testing the battery and charging it up when necessary, you can ensure that you won’t get stranded when you’re out and about. Furthermore, replacing car batteries when necessary will help to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Change Your Tires

Switching to winter tires is typically a good idea, as it helps you to stay safer on the road. Some people assume that switching tires depending on the season is more expensive, but this isn’t the case. Simply store your Summer tires safely and you can switch back to them once the Winter season is over, providing they’re still roadworthy. As you’re re-using your tires, they won’t wear out any quicker, so you won’t need to replace them more often.
In addition to using the right tires for the conditions, be sure to check your tire pressures regularly. By topping up with air when you need to, you can improve fuel efficiency and increase road safety too.

Replace Wiper Blades

You’ll be using your wipers more often during winter, so you’ll want to ensure your wiper blades are in good condition. If not, you can replace them yourself in minutes. Simply make sure you buy the right replacement blades and switch them out so you’re ready for the next downpour.

Check Your Lights

It gets darker earlier during Winter and the sun comes up later in the morning, which means you’ll probably spend more time driving in the dark. To ensure you can travel safely, check your lights are fully operative regularly. Ask a friend or family member to stand outside the car while you turn all of the lights on and off. A bulb can be replaced cheaply and easily, so it’s always worth making sure your car is visible to other road users.

Maintaining Your Car

Vehicle maintenance is simpler than most people think, and it can save you a lot of time and money. By ensuring your car is prepped for Winter, you can reduce the risk of breakdowns, make your vehicle safer, and avoid the need for potentially costly repairs.

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