The Role of Art in Online Casino Games

The debate over whether games are works of art has been rumbling on for some time now, and at this point it’s essentially undisputed.

However, it’s still interesting to look at how art is used to influence and enhance the underlying mechanics of games, whether to grab the attention of players, tell a story or evoke an emotional response.

Online casino games are no different from other video games in this regard; they can take and use art of all kinds in order to make unique, entertaining experiences. Let’s look at this concept a little closer and see what part art plays in shaping the modern games you can find on a trusted casino site such as AskGamblers.

The appeal of historic artists & works

It’s first worth pointing out that plenty of modern online slot games are unashamedly based on or directly inspired by either some of the most famous artists from the past, or specific works that they have produced.

Sitting at the top of this list of masters that remain relevant in modern casino gaming is Leonardo Da Vinci. His name is found on all sorts of slots, and works like the Mona Lisa have also been given the online casino treatment.

Da Vinci is really just scratching the surface in terms of artists that have had casino games made in their honor. From Monet to Van Gough, from Picasso to Michaelangelo, there are myriad examples of this.

Slot makers tend to choose themes like these because they are both instantly recognizable and widely popular in their own right, so there should be a built-in audience for them. It’s the same reason that you can get licensed slots for modern movies, TV shows and even rock bands.

The other factor at play here is that the works of most of these historic artists are out of copyright, so developers are free to use them without needing to pay for the privilege, making it a win-win.

The opportunities for experimentation

While so far it might sound like online casino games are firmly stuck in the past when it comes to artistic inspiration, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Slots in particular are often used as a playground for up and coming digital artists to stretch their wings and take risks.

From gothic horror-themed slots with symbols that feature werewolves, vampires and ghosts, to futuristic slots that feel like they are pulled straight out of the beating heart of cyberspace itself, there is almost endless variety in terms of the art styles.

This is all about appealing to as many different niches as possible. And because slot games are comparatively straightforward to develop, without needing the huge budgets of other titles, developers are less worried about misfiring, hence the experimentation we see in certain corners of the market right now.

The integration with other disciplines

Visual art is just one aspect of the creative efforts that are unified in the development of the latest online casino games. Audio plays just as much of a role in shaping the experience for players, from the soundtrack to the effects which amp up the excitement.

Once again, you can find a mixture of influences at play here. Sometimes there will be games that feature reproductions of classical music scores. Elsewhere there are games that have their own, original compositions. Licensed songs from famous, contemporary musicians are also used in cases where they are the official subject of the game.

Whatever the case, there has to be a logical link between the visuals and the audio in order for it to feel cohesive. And music in particular is more capable of evoking emotions in the moment than almost anything else.

It’s also worth noting that there is an art to organizing the user interface of any game, and casino titles are definitely a genre which has to get this right, or else risk losing players in their droves.

Lots of little elements will have been worked on by visual artists, and it is then the role of the UI designer to tie these all together, make tweaks where necessary and ensure that it not only looks good, but is actually functional.

So there you have it; art in all its forms has a huge effect on casino games, with top online gambling sites only thriving because they are a treat for the eyes and the ears of their customers, not just for their wallets.

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