Ceramic artist Debra Berger

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing ceramics artist, Debra Berger. Her work speaks for itself, however I learned even more after spending sometime with her going over her work. Each piece is unique and gorgeous in it’s own way.

This is what she has to say about her work:

It’s about a state of being and appreciation of life.
Functional art, woven into what we see, feel, touch and use everyday.
Integrating art into architecture.

I really enjoy all of her work but what holds most of my attention is her installments. She does these remarkable installments in hotels and homes that are just unbelievable.

The Fireplace

This one above is the one that originally caught my eye from her book. At first glance it reminds of Ron Howard’sHow the Grinch Stole Christmas“. When you look closely at it you start to see intricate details. The organic nature of this piece fills the room and makes you feel like it was built with it, not around it.

Art around the world

Debra works all over the world. It’s quite inspiring to see where she has journeyed to do her ceramic work. LA to Italy to Spain. Awesome locations like her personal home Spain or a hotel in Italy.

Check out her site to see some more of her work.

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