Diet Coke by Karl Lagerfeld Collection

A new set of Diet Coke bottles are being produced with collaboration from the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. There are three designs featured in the limited edition collection. Each bottle is based off of Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene, all Diet Coke heroines. The collection will be launched this June, with the option of purchasing 1 or a pack of 3.

The polka dot bottle is based off of Bernadette to show her romantic side, and the spiral pattern to show Eleanor and Irene’s fashion sense.

Much like the Diet Coke brand, these bottles are also aimed at women, which explains the bright colours and feminine polka dot style. These fun patterned bottles could be popular at girls get-togethers, summer picnics or even if they are having a night in playing party poker and gossiping. They are cute and feminine and girls might like the fact that it can match their outfit too.

A note-worthy mention is how Karl did all the photography for the collection’s advertising campaign. The photos and packaging are super clean and catchy to the eye. What do you think of the new bottles?

[via PopBee]

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