The relationship between objects and people

I recently featured Bec Wonders’ Painting on Photograph’s series a few weeks ago. The way she was able to take an already beautiful photograph and turn it into her own masterpiece intrigued me. Since then, I’ve tried to keep up with her work as much as possible. Thankfully for Twitter, I didn’t miss her newest series. Below you can find Bec explaining her recent series and what it means to her.

I attempt to demonstrate the relationship between humans and objects and approach the question of how they can coexist, interact and communicate in our present reality. There are three dimensions included in my work: Behind the canvas, the surface of the canvas and in front of the canvas. In order to understand and view the work entirely, the viewer must interact with the object, in other words “look inside” the frame. The objective is to find a deeper individual understanding towards one’s own relationship to the piece (the “object”).

Be sure to follow Bec on Twitter as well as check out her blog.

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