Audi’s Wooden Bicycles

Audi recently partnered with Renovo, a bicycle designer in Portland, Oregon to create some pretty sweet rides.

Renovo is known for their unique hardwood frames. The wood is hollowed out giving you one of the smoothest rides due to better shock absorption. Using the wood, rather than aluminum, gives the bike a lighter weight as well.

The three bikes Audi made in the collab are the Duo Sport, Duo City, and Duo Road. The name “duo” is referencing Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Unlike a car that has 4-wheels, all wheel-drive isn’t really possible on a bicycle. However the Duo City and Sport bikes use internal gear hubs with belt drives which are perfect for city and casual use. The Duo Road features 20 speeds with narrow tires similar to a racing bicycle.

Each bike sports the Audi’s four ring logo, and the hardwoods color is taken directly from an Audi color scheme.

You can pick up one of these beautiful bikes for no less than $6500. The Duo City is $6530, Duo Sport $7,350, and the Duo Road $7,460. You can read more about the Audio Collection on their Web site.

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