Classified Moto delivers Katee Sackhoff’s bike in Los Angeles

Katee Sackhoff with her Classified Moto bike

This week couldn’t have started off any better. I was contacted by Classified Moto about Katee Sackhoff’s bike a day after posting her teaser video for her KT600. The Classified Moto crew journeyed all the way from Richmond, Virginia, where their shop hails, to hand deliver the bike to a very excited Katee. As you can see from the image she is super stoked to jump on and take it for a ride. While in Los Angeles the CM crew stopped by my favorite blogging spot Deus Ex Machina in Venice, where they rubbed shoulders with others that “see things just like we do.”

Read the rest of their journey over on Classified Moto blog

Jay Leno with Classified Moto

Jay Leno checking out the KT600

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