Confederate Motor’s P120 Fighter Bike

160 horsepower, minimalist design, and a look that throws up BAD ASS. The Confederate Motor’s P120 Fighter bike is sick. Make no mistake, this isn’t a Harley. It’s skeletal design and inside-out look kills any other bike I’ve seen.

The P120 takes 120 hours to assemble, with 480 parts that won’t be found in it’s typical location. They’ve really taken the word “custom” seriously. As an example, you’ll find the oil tank canister below the handlebars.

This could be considered a hot rod in the bike world. It has a 63-inch wheelbase and a 240-mm balloon for a back tire.

The P120 Fighter starts at $72,000, and is clearly for the rich. Only 63 will be produced.

[originally seen on LA Times]

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