Art & Design

Ceramic artist Debra Berger

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing ceramics artist, Debra Berger. Her work speaks for itself, however I learned even more after spending sometime with her going over her work.

Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #3

Week #3 of the Inspirational Round-Up series. How’s everyone enjoying them? Hope you enjoy my picks so far. Don’t forget to email me at for any cool things you come across and think it would be worth writing about.

The Dirty Car Artist

This is an interesting take on a dirty car. Scott Wade doesn’t consider a dirty car a bad thing like most would. He simply turns it into a art project. What you see in the end will surprise you.

Movie Illustrations by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley is a talented storyboard artist for Pixar. He’s worked on many of the hits such as UP, Cars, and Ratatouille. Along with working on the Pixar classics he’s been busy with his book, “Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Books”.