Johanna Feldmeier by Pierre Dal Corso

Johanna Feldmeier shoots with Pierre Dal Corso for Schön! Magazine. Besides having one of the best photographers for this photo shoot I wanted to highlight the amazing styling done by Laure Tardy-Joye. The outfits are so amazing.

‘030’ by The Good The Bad [NSFW]

It’s not too often where a video can make a guy go speechless. This video was the exception. ‘030’ by The Good The Bad was directed by Jeppe Kolstrup, and boy is it a doozy. It’s a NSFW video of a girl gyrating on a guitar. I know what you’re all thinking… boy do I wish I was that guitar. Yeah, me too!

Pierre Dal Corso shoots Vahina Giocante

Vahina Giocante models for 160G Magazine, shot by photographer Pierre Dal Corso. The photos are stunning and stylized. You can tell they focused a lot towards post-production with the heavy contrast and watercolor feel.

Alessandra Ambrosio for GQ Brasil

Gavin Bond shoots Alessandra Ambrosio for the premiere issue of GQ Brasil. Alessandra is best known as one of Victoria Secret’s angels, as well as an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #3

Week #3 of the Inspirational Round-Up series. How’s everyone enjoying them? Hope you enjoy my picks so far. Don’t forget to email me at for any cool things you come across and think it would be worth writing about.