Let the Movies Take You Away—for Awhile

Movies can take us away to other places so easily that it’s become a past-time for many people. After the pandemic, we are slowly able to get back to them and enjoy the latest releases. One of those has been a sequel to the “Suicide Squad,” ironically called, “The Suicide Squad.” This one has some differences though. It’s one of the types of movies that people obsess over and wait with anticipation of the next release in the series.

The Joker and Harley Quinn Fans

The overall plot of the latest release in this quasi-series is decent enough, but some characters were purposely left out. Jared Leto is missing from this one. It’s going to be a completely new movie that focuses on the entire cast rather than the core theme of the Joker and Harley Quinn. She’s in it, but it’s not the same at all. Without giving any spoilers, the movie has some new characters that create a new squad fighting for a cause to get their sentences reduced or eliminated. For some, the absence of both Jared Leto and Will Smith ruins it. You’ll have to see for yourself to decide.

The Suicide Squad: Meet the 16 Misfit Members of Task Force X

The Memories

Some of the best movies are those that remind you of a time when you were happier or perhaps experiencing a time in your life that was special. One that holds a place in so many people’s hearts is the one that you saw as a child. Those times waiting for the popcorn and soda in the theater lobby were a fun thing that you probably anticipated.
Then you get into the theater and the lights dim to the previews. Those previews made you want to go back in the lobby for treats if you didn’t come in with any. Years ago, they used to have a special cartoon just before the feature film came on the screen. That was another point of nostalgia that drew everyone into the movies for their escape.
Have you ever tried homemade popcorn? You can get a popcorn-making machine and make popcorn with that special smell that probably reminds you of the theater. If you have that and a comfy recliner, you can escape to the movies right in the comfort of your own home.

Star Wars

For so many people, though, the Star Wars movies were an annual event and an escape from the world around us. After what we’ve all survived, we need it more than ever this year. Think back to your first sequel. What was it for you? How did you feel about seeing each one year after year? If you’re honest with yourself, it was probably an event that you couldn’t wait to see. If that’s the case, then it’s an escape for you as well.


If you’re into horror, then you probably have quite a few that you recall seeing that had sequels. There were so many action, adventure, romance, and superhero movies as well to see on the big screen that you came back into the movies year after year. Here are some of the big horror movies that had sequels.

  • “Nightmare on Elm Street”
  • “Halloween”
  • “Insidious”
  • “The Conjuring” and the Anabelle Series

If you’re a horror fan, then reading that list undoubtedly hit a cord in you. There are so many more out there to watch from the comfort of your home or the local theater.

So Many More

The action movies are also a big hit with most movie enthusiasts. That is probably why so many people in Hollywood have made so many sequels in these categories. There’s also one romance sequel that you should see if you haven’t. The Bridget Jones series kept many romance fans coming back year after year. Like “The Suicide Squad,” there are so many superhero movies out there as well.

No matter what you love about them, the movies are a special place to get away from the stresses of life. People get together to just watch them straight through as a party. No matter what type of movie you like, the fun of it all is so special.

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