My Tassimo Pro gets upgraded with new flavors: Chai Latte and Café Roast

This post brought to you by TASSIMO PROFESSIONAL. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tassimo Pro at the JoesDaily HQ

I may have died and gone to Tassimo heaven. TassimoPro has just added two new premium flavors to their already stellar lineup and I was lucky enough to try them: Chai Latte and Café Noir Café Roast.

Each designed with their classic T DISC, double-bar brew codes giving you the confidence each cup is as precise as your last. Having a consistency in my coffee is important whether I’m at Starbucks or at the office, so knowing I will get this each time is a big deal – who can start their day with a bad cup of coffee?

T-Disc_0000000_CHAI_LATTE.png (7 documents, 7 total pages)

My favorite of the two new flavors has to be the Chai Latte, and the rest of my office agrees. The Tassimo delivers a barista-quality latte that compliments the spices chai tea is known for. Thankfully I can now get that coffee shop experience in my office. I certainly didn’t go to school to be a barista and seeing me try to steam milk is a joke.

chai 2.jpg (7 documents, 7 total pages)

As I mentioned in my first article with Tassimo, the simplicity couldn’t be easier. It will craft your beverage in under two-minutes, has an LCD screen telling you when it needs maintenance, and the cleanup consists of throwing away the T DISC when you’re done.

I highly recommend you sign-up for a Tassimo beverage system in your office. It’s the perfect companion for your kitchen and will save you plenty of money from those swanky coffee chains your office normally frequents. Your team will be drinking delicious coffee beverages in no time!

cafe roast 2.0-1-1 (7 documents, 7 total pages)

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