100+ flavors with the Coca-Cola Freestyle

This is probably the coolest soda dispenser I have ever seen. Using it’s microdosing technology, the Coca-Cola Freestyle® dispenses 100+ sparkling and still beverage brands. For all of you green nuts out there (GuidetoGreen), this machine still leaves the same carbon footprint as any six or eight valve dispenser.

It’s able to create branded beverages by blending it’s concentrated ingredients and sweeteners at the point of purchase. Using proprietary PurePour Technology™.

I’m super excited to see one of these in person. The fact that it’s a touch screen makes it all the better. I just hope it’s development team made it stable enough so it won’t crash. If you have one of these in your city be sure to let us know what you think about it! Check out the video below of the machine in use. I apologize ahead of time for the guy in the video for being creepy.

Check out Coke’s Facebook page to learn a little more about the dispenser.

[via ReviewLA]

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