A new kind of inspirational site launches: Gjunkie

Graphic Junkie aka. Gjunkie.com has launched today. A new kind of inspirational website that revolves around lifestyle, photo, print, video, and web.

The Site’s UI

When you enter the Gjunkie you notice the subtle design. What you don’t see until a little exploration is the complexity the designer, RobotForest, put into it. Pulling multiple PHP loops, hidden JQuery submit forms, and a speckle of texture here and there. All of this makes the website enjoyable to read.


Gjunkie researches, researches, and RESEARCHES. Every post I’ve seen on the site has been unique. Yes, I’m sure someone else out there has blogged about what he has. However, it’s definitely not on the typical blog-roll I go through. This makes the site a valuable resource. Because he scours Flickr for hours in search for amazing photographers or trolls Vimeo for a quick inspirational pick-me up, I say all of this makes this site superior.


Be sure to visit the site and tell your friends about it. Also, drop him a line over at Twitter. He’s a great resource, so FOLLOW him! Tell him JoesDaily sent you!



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