Adobe plays nice with HTML5

A recent string of updates have occurred for Adobe CS5 users, enabling them easier access to HTML5. As many know Adobe has been extremely hesitant when it comes to integrating HTML5 with any of their core products. This is easily understood since it [intlink id=”5965″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]clashes with their rich media standard, Flash[/intlink].

So what exactly did this update do for Illustrator CS5? It now allows you to export your designs into HTML5 and CSS3 compliant content. Many have speculated why they didn’t ship the CS5 suite with these options already built in but the answer is pretty straight forward. With all the conflict surrounding Apple, HTML5, and other nonsense the development team figured HTML5 wasn’t exactly going anywhere specific. However now I think Adobe has seen the light and realizes HTML5 as well as CSS3 is here to stay.

It’s nice to see that the big tech companies are starting to play nice. Sometimes it seems that they will fight over the littlest thing instead of embracing the change. If they don’t look out, the underdogs will come in and take away all their business.

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