Art Studio App for iPad

I’ve been going App crazy lately ever since I purchased the iPad. One of the coolest things about the iPad is the large screen. I’ve taken full advantage of it by buying the drawing program Art Studio.

The App is only $.99 cents. How can you go wrong. Once you get the hang of the controls you really feel like you’re painting. It brings finger painting to a whole NEW level. Parents take note, no messy cleanup when finished. This App is packed full of options. From pencil brush to spray paint can. My favorite feature of all is layers. An art program without layers just sucks. This gives you huge flexibility.

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive solution to your doodling needs then look no further. Art Studio is fun and easy. Look what I created below in 10 minutes of playing. I know it’s no masterpiece but pretty damn cool.

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