Boowhoo Adobe

I can just hear the tears pouring down from the Adobe corporate offices. Apple recently released the new App Development agreement with the release of the iPhone 4.0 OS.

Adobe is extremely angry with the changes specially because of Flash CS5 due soon. Apparently in the agreement it states an App can only be created from the App SDK development kit, nothing else. This can be found in the section called “API’s and Functionality”. This puts many things on hold for the company. I’m sure they had many investors in on their new product (CS5) which would make it easy to create Apps using Flash.

So why would Apple want to hurt Adobe? Many are speculating it’s because Apple has had a long battle with Adobe and the use of Flash on their portable devices, such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and the new iPad. The blow Adobe is feeling is really hitting them where it counts and that’s the opening sales of the new CS5 suite. I personally feel it wasn’t exactly a personal hit towards Adobe but rather a clean cut from them. For a few years now since the original iPhone had come out people have begged for flash to be on Apple’s mobile devices. My strong belief is Apple thinks light years ahead. Flash is old and HTML5 is here to stay. I’m in constant awe over my iPad and all that it does. It plays video amazingly and I couldn’t be happier.

So do we need Flash? I don’t think so. But who am I to judge? Just a tech freak.

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