Buzz, another Social Networking flop from Google?

According to some critics it’s a flop. Many are writing negative feedback about the new project by Google calling it a cross from Twitter and Facebook. I received my Google Buzz acceptance today and tried using it for awhile. At first glance I didn’t see anything too great from it. Because I feel Google, much like Apple, always impresses me in the long run I give Buzz a little hope. I’ll grant Google some time to get Buzz where it needs to be. It does have big competition. Twitter is constantly getting more and more followers. Facebook has just recently revamped their interface yet again, which I rather enjoy.
Like GoogleWave I feel they have some plans for Buzz that we can’t even imagine. Check out the video below from Technology Blogger Mark Milian of the LA Times website. He talks a little bit about Buzz and how it works on your phone.

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