Everyone getting excited for the iPad

Picture from her Twitter: @iJustine Still in line at the apple store for the ipad!!!!!!!

The world famous social media nut, known best asĀ @iJustine is for sure excited for the iPad launch. She has been tweeting about it for awhile now. The video below is of her dancing in the 3rd Street Promenade Apple store located in Santa Monica. It’s hilarious. I give her credit for her doing it because everyone around her must think she’s nuts, however I would just join in. Hopefully she comes back to our store in Century City for a dance off.

That’s not all. The iPad has snuck into the hit tv show ‘Modern Family’. I haven’t seen said episode but it’s been said to have a 30 minute segment on the new device. Seems to me like a great way to market the new product even before it’s out. Makes me more and more excited to hold my very own. iPad is being released this Saturday April 3rd.

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