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This post brought to you by Evie. All opinions are 100% mine.

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This wonderful app gives you the flexibility to command your iPhone using your voice. With Evie, you can easily tell your iPhone to call someone in your address book, dial a number (ex: 555-555-5555), listen to your Facebook news feed, find a business, or play a specific song or artist. It’s just that easy.

Imagine cruising home from work and listening to your Facebook news feed while driving. What better way to utilize your time then to connect with friends while driving. This is the sole feature that sold me on why I could use this in my daily routine. I tend to lose touch with my close friends so having something like this makes staying connected even easier.

Evie is like having an assistant with you at all times. It’s your ideal partner in crime when making that journey from your home to the office. This is perfect for any iPhone lovers or moms that need that extra help in between wrangling their kids from soccer practice. Find the number to the take-out spot down the street from you, while driving with just a few voice commands.

Be sure to download Evie before you leave your house. Could save you a lot of time and an even more enjoyable car ride.

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