Find out which countries you have in common through your DNA

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Have you ever wondered how you’re connected to someone else? We have all heard about DNA and what it consists of, but have you ever thought about seeing the link between your DNA and someone else’s?

Now there is a way for you to see which populations you have the most common with. It’s called ConnectMyDNA™. The steps are easy: Sign up, receive your DNA kit in the mail and then send it off. To capture your DNA they provide you with two swabs for you to scrape the inside of your cheeks to extract skin cells.

A few weeks after their lab processes your DNA you will be able to find your Gene Ring™ online. My favorite thing about the results is that no one else could ever have my Gene Ring. It’s 100% unique to me (mine is shown below).

Before sending in my sample kit, I assumed I related mostly to people in the United States and Italy, since I have some family there. My assumptions were WAY off. Apparently the countries I relate to most are:

Not to sound geographically handicaped but I had no idea what Belarus was until today, let alone where it was located. I guess you learn something new everyday.

If you’re interested in finding out what county you have the most common with, use coupon code IZEA290512 to receive a discounted offer of $29. That’s $60 off their regular price. Score!

If you end up doing the test, be sure to post your Gene Ring to the JoesDaily Facebook page. We would love to see how close our rings match up.

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