FLUD for iPad

I’m a news fanatic like most of my friends. Unfortunately the one thing I lack is the love for RSS readers. Yes I understand that most people would say I’m not a true Social Media freak if I don’t use RSS and all that it offers. However, it’s only because I simply enjoy the visual element and usually RSS strips that away.

This brings me to the new app called FLUD [itunes link]. It pulls together your feeds in an awesome UI that makes you want to explore and read. Like I said before I’m usually more into the visual element of online news but this gives you both.

You can switch between two different views while reading an article. There’s web view which will give you the actual site the article came from. And there’s text view, which will be a familiar look for the RSS users out there.

Text View

Web View

Like any good reader, it gives you the option to share with the rest of the world what you are reading. The one added future I admire is the LOVE IT button. This button gives you the chance to LOVE what you’re reading and pull it up again in seconds. Loving something is similar to a bookmark. I’ve started using it on articles I want to go back and read. A definite handy feature! You can see below I LOVED 2 articles, and now they’ve showed up via the heart in the upper left corner.

So what does FLUD cost? It’s currently $3.99 [iTunes Link]. Not a bad price to pay for an almost flawless digital magazine. I’m not sure if you’d consider it a magazine but when I get a visual utopia of all my top feeds in one location, I consider it that.

Learn more over at http://www.theflud.com/

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