Gaming on the iPad is taking over

Due to a recent study, Games on the Apple iPad will be dominating every other category. So far it’s showing a 44% with the Entertainment category coming in a not so close second. Entertainment has only 14%.

These numbers are somewhat an estimate as of right now and I’m sure over time the pie graph will gradually change. However, this is looking quite positive for game developers. I’m sure companies like EA (Electronic Arts) are loving this. Another way to make a quick buck.

Most games on the iPhone or iPod Touch take only small teams to make something fun and worthwhile. Look at EA’s Call of Duty game they put out. I’m sure they used all of their old assets from the game and converted it to the iPhone OS. This would hardly take a large team. Imagine the profits the game made when selling them at $9.99 a pop.

The picture above is courtesy of Flurry Analytics.

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