Google iPhone App Now Does Push

Google has just recently updated their iPhone App to now receive push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar, directly from the App.

Using the settings panel you can turn on notifications for one or the other. So it’s your choice what you want to be pushed to your phone. Most have been using the calendar that comes with the Apple iOS 4 to receive their Google events. This update provides you with a little more flexibility but will it be enough to catch on?

I personally love using what comes with the iOS 4 operating system, as is. I’m a heavy Google user, but rarely open the App. Let me know if this is something you use, and if so how it’s helped you.

Another notable update that came with the update was better search within the App. Now you can better find stock symbols, currency conversions and even flight numbers. This excites me a tad bit more then the push. Now they are with the likes of their competitor Bing, whom already had these features implemented. Just start typing and Google will do the rest before you can even click the Search Button.

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