iOS 4.2 for iPad will be great!

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Apple recently announced at their September 1st conference the iPad iOS 4.2 software upgrade due for November. So what are the notable things you should know?


As rumored, Apple has figured out the printing game for the iPad and soon everyone will be able to print websites, documents, etc. This is a huge upgrade in which will probably change opinions on whether or not you actually want one of these bad ass machines.

Game Center

Finally the Game Center will be released. Apple has been in works to create a gaming social network making it easier to connect with your friends and other gamers. I’m a huge acheivment whore so having this built into the iPad will be awesome. I’m sure developers are jumping on board and are super excited about the opportunities. My question though will many of the well established games switch over? For example what about everyone on the Crystal or the +Plus network. I’m sure we’ll see the changes happen very soon.


This really excites me. I’ve been a long time AppleTv user (don’t laugh), and with the newest installment I might have to upgrade. It’s only $99 and now the iPad can stream directly to it. How awesome is that? I can now take my iPad and stream music, movies, and photos to my TV. As well as stream music to my AirPort Express with speakers attached. All of these add-ons are so small however extremely useful.


Now this isn’t much of a surprise if you’re already familiar with the iPhone iOS 4 software that came out not too long ago. The capabilities of folders and organization is huge. Simply hold your finger down on an icon, drag the icon on top of another, and BAM, you have a folder! Good stuff.

Of course all of these upgrades will come around the holiday season which will be a great time for everyone to buy an iPad for themselves or as a gift.

If you want to read all the changes then I recommend visiting theirĀ page they made just for the upgrade. Now we wait for November.

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