Magic Trackpad is awesome

I just wanted to make this short and sweet. I’m in love with Apple’s new Magic Trackpad. I don’t own one yet but I had the pleasure of playing with my friends.

So what’s so great about it? The simple fact I’m able to enjoy using my computer on my bed. I know most would tell me that they could use their mouse on a magazine or whatever, but I’ve already tried that. It’s no where near as cool or fun. The Magic Trackpad gives me the flexibility of moving it around wirelessly, and room to room! So if you’re one of those Apple freaks like me you’ll have a computer hooked up to your TV, etc. How nice would that be to use it while posted up on your couch?

If I left anything out please leave a comment. Tell me how you like the Magic Trackpad, or why you hate it. I’m okay hearing the complaints as well.

Get it the trackpad here $69 US

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