Moleskin and Evernote had a baby together

Evernote Moleskin

I’ve died and gone to sketchbook heaven. Moleskin and Evernote have teamed up to make what we think could be the coolest sketchbook ever. It’s called the Smart Notebook, and features the beautiful style you expect from Moleskin, with the added bonus of Evernote’s technology. Using the¬†new Evernote iOS application, Smart Notebook users will be able digitize their ramblings and scribbles just by snapping a photo of it. This technology was made possible due to the special dotted patterns on the paper that helps from the image being skewed. In addition to the app and paper, you will also receive a set of multi-colored “Smart Stickers”. These stickers can be used to identify what sort of sketch, notes or drawing you’re archiving to Evernote.

Evernote Smart Notebooks are available in two sizes, pocket and large, and come in two page styles, ruled and squared.

Buy now: $25+ USD

Moleskin and Evernote

Moleskin and Evernote - Stickers

Moleskin and Evernote

Moleskin and Evernote

Source: @JessicaBrookman, Evernote

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