My Top 4 Mac App Store Downloads

The Mac App Store was released today and I think I can already hear all the developers crying. These tears aren’t painful tears, these tears are for the happiness for all the success this will bring them. For those of you wondering how to get the store all you have to do is do a software update. Your OS will go from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6.

I’ve compiled the top 4 mac app store downloads. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the new Mac App store and what apps you’re digging so far.

Twitter – Free

This probably comes at no surprise this was my first App download for my Mac. I’m a Twitter fanatic and am always looking for a new app to use. Of course the obvious choice is to use the one created by Twitter themselves. I use their iPhone app and equally enjoy it. The new app is very much like Tweetie. So far I haven’t seen much difference in the two except for the fact I enjoy the Twitter interface a tad more.

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Aperture 3 – $79.99, usually $199.99 in store

I would have to say this is an obvious choice for two reasons. For one it’s an awesome application to have if you’re any type of photographer, that includes amateur. The second reason is the price. I was shocked to see it dropped $100+ dollars. This application is easily worth it’s typical $200 price tag but Apple dropped it. Now you can do some awesome photo editing and organization for more than half the price.

Chopper 2 $.99

I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy all that this game has but I’m sure this one functionwill convince you to buy it. Currently during the Mac App Store launch it’s only $.99. The price isn’t want got me wanting to purchase it but the fact that you can actually control the game on your computer through your iPhone or iPod Touch. You do have to purchase the game on both your iPhone as well as your Mac but for $2 I think it’s worth it. If you could careless about the functionality from the phone to the computer you can just purchase for one device and call it a day.

SketchBook Pro $29.99

Autodesk’s SketchBook┬« Pro is the ultimate drawing app for cheap. I own the App for the iPad and love it. You’re able to customize brushes, use layers, and have access to an intuitive user interface. For $30 it’s worth picking up. If you are low on money and want to try the program out, check out their SketchBook┬« Express version. Equally as cool with less features.

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