PAX 2 is a Refined and Durable Vaporizer Unlike Any Other

As far as vapes go, PAX 2 ($280 USD) takes the cake. It’s 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the first PAX vaporizer, making it ultra portable. In addition to its size, the PAX 2 comes with a better battery life, a deeper oven for more even heating, four different heat settings, and an elegant, ergonomically redesigned mouthpiece that senses the presence of your lips.

The PAX 2 is perfect for whether you’re an avid or casual vape user. Its sleek design is made from polished and transverse brushed anodized aluminum that comes in four different colors: charcoal (black), topaz (aqua), flare (red), platinum (silver), and one limited edition bonus color, gold.

I’ve found that price can be a cause for hesitation when buying something, but that shouldn’t be the concern here. The PAX 2 is built to last, made with high grade parts that are backed by a 10-year warranty. Couple that with its tough aluminum exterior, and I’d say you have a solid piece of vape hardware. Its high-capacity battery is powered via a sleek looking USB charging cradle (shown above) that will look great plugged into your computer or on your desk.

PAX 2 and The Weeknd Limited Edition Vaporizer

Limited Edition PAX 2 x The Weeknd

Need some extra flare to go with your PAX 2? How about a special vaporizer collaboration between The Weeknd and PAX, featuring a custom matte black shell, The Weeknd’s XO logo, and a startup to the tune of “The Hills”. Grab your Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX ($325 USD) now before supplies run out.

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