Sick iPhone Video Mount

The OWLE Video Mount is really badass. If you’re into any type of media like I am you would appreciate this. The cost is somewhat reasonable if you’re looking for a nifty solution to shoot some great video on your iPhone. I’m dying right now not having the 3GS iPhone (shoots video) because I want to be able to take it with me to Vegas next month. Oh well, enough bitching.

Here is a little info about the OWLE Video Mount:

So the mount cost $130. Not too shabby. It fits in the silicon case the package includes which then slips into the mount itself. Oh and it’s cool enough to come with a boom mic which attaches to the iPhones headphone jack. After reading a few reviews some said the boom isn’t that great but who cares? I’m really wondering about the mount itself.

Also comes with a .45x wide angle lense and a 37mm lense. Pretty sweet.

Click here to learn a little  more about the product.

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