Square on the iPad is amazing for your business

Have you ever wanted to have a POS (Point of Sale) with you whenever you were out visiting a client? How about if you owned a little coffee shop and needed to have something a little more trendy to check out your customers?

Now you can when you own the Square App created by SquareUp. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone that does freelance work or any small business wanting a POS system without all the other junk that comes along with it. Currently SquareUp is working on the iPhone and iPod version. I’ve downloaded the iPad App and have been extremely impressed so far.

So what are the rates, cost of the App, and yearly fees? You won’t believe this. The rates are more then reasonable (see below). The application is FREE and they send you the card swiper FREE as well. It plugs directly into the headphone jack on the top of the iPad. Lastly the yearly fee is…wait for it…big fat 0.

  • .75% + 15¢ for swiped transactions
  • 3.5% + 15¢ for keyed transactions

So what’s the catch? Honestly from what I can see, nothing! The company has a great way for the customer to get their receipt. You can send it via SMS or Email. If you check out the photo below you’ll see a little bit more of what you’ll get after the transaction.

My favorite feature, besides it being free, has to be the itemized store you can create. Imagine being able to pull up an item you sell often such as a certain coffee. You’re able to create that item in your App so that you can just pull it up in seconds and have someone charged immediately after. Awesome!

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