Tembo Trunks – Earbud Speakers

Tembo Trunks are the first collapsible ear bud speakers for iPods and iPhones. They’re easy to travel with since they don’t take up any room and require no additional batteries or wires.

How the idea was born

We were traveling through Africa. We had music on iPods but no way to share the music. We needed something that was small, light, could be taken with us easily, and didn’t require any power.

An idea sparked when traveling soon became a fun side project around our day jobs. Our goal was to create a product that was thoughtfully designed, sustainable, and built from superior materials. After several prototypes we are really happy with the quality, ease of use, and functionality of Tembo Trunks.

The Tembo Trunks are currently in their concept stage. You can become an investor towards the project by donating money over on their Kickstarter page. Be sure to check out their video they posted while your there. It explains all about the projects purpose as well as show you a demo of what they’ll look like in person.


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