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What are you without your tools and gadgets? I rely on way too many techie things to get me through my day and sometimes forget about the original tools I was introduced with before computers took over. The all mighty pen and paper!

When I’m traveling you won’t catch me glued to my iPad or checking my email every second on my iPhone. You will see me with my travel diary and a pen. Stepping away from the digital world for a little creative thinking is just what I need to escape my A.D.D tendencies I have when working on my computer. Up until now I was that guy with the standard BIC pen or chewed up pencil, but not anymore!


Enter the Parker Ingenuity collection, an innovative pen for you to change the way you put pen to paper. New generations along with mine have been captivated by the wonderful world of computers. What has been sadly forgotten is the fine world of handwriting and the creativity and elegance it brings. With the Parker Pen’s 5th technology refills you will enjoy the smooth writing comfort of a rollerball, the beautiful design of a fountain pen, the longevity of a ball point, and a wonderfully smart smudge-free ink.

This pen is perfect for the lifestyle enthusiast. Most don’t think of a pen as a fashion accessory but whether you’re a man or woman, your appearance is important. It’s one thing to be at the forefront of the latest technology, but when I’m in a meeting I prefer taking notes the old fashion way and not with my iPad or iPhone. There’s certain elegance about these pens that will help sell you as a serious person and not another shmoe with a BIC pen.

I would love to know in the comments below why you yourself would want to win or own one of these cool pens. Also, be on the look out for 2 of Parker Pens’ upcoming Twitter parties. You will have the chance to win some cool prizes such as one of the pens valued up to $200.

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