The Steve Jobs Action Figure

I use to think I would never look at a keynote the same ever again. Every since the legend of turtlenecks passed, I’ve felt lifeless in this cold, dark, morbid world. But wait, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel!¬†Enter the Steve Jobs Action Figure. Now you can create your very own Apple Keynote and slap Tim Cook around with Steve’s Judo chop!

Check out the features below:

– one-realistic head sculpt and two pairs of glasses
– one highly articulated body and three pairs of hands
– one black turtleneck & one pair of blue jeans
– black leather belt
– one chair (wood + metal)
Рpair of black socks & sneakers 
– two apples (One with a bite.)
– “ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop

Keep your eye out for this toy in February. Should run you around $100.

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