What to do if your iMac screen flickers

So I’ve been browsing the forums only to find a lot of people having problems with their new iMacs. Many have reported in such a short amount of time that their iMac’s screen flickers. Very much like the old CRT monitors. I for one can shed some light on the situation since my iMac has done the same only after 2 days of having it. So far I have found a solution that may not help everyone with this issue. I’ve had no problems since (knock on wood) and hoping it stays this way. So what did I do?

I reset the PRAM. I’m not about to go into what PRAM is but you certainly can google it to find out. I recommend you do so. Here was my steps…

  1. First power off your iMac and unplug everything from the back of it for about 15 seconds. I personally just played a few rounds of Call of Duty and that passed the time rather quickly. (30 minutes later) LOL
  2. Next you will plug back in the power and whatever else needed. (ex: keyboard, mouse, if not wireless).
  3. Here is the important part. You need to hold down 4 keys on your keyboard. No specific order but important. Press and hold the COMMAND + OPTION + P + R. While having your fingers on the keys turn on the power button.
  4. Wait for the chime to happen twice before letting go of those keys. The chime that normally starts the computer must happen at least twice before letting go so don’t forget.

That’s it! Hope this helps some of you out there. Happy iMacing :)

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