Cielo love seat from CB2

As some of you may know I’ve moved recently. Still in the heart of LA but many things went with my move. I was in much need of a couch for my new place. Of course had to get something stylish and sexy. Where else to look then CB2? I’ve always been in love with everything they have. Many say that it’s just an over priced store which in some cases is true. However I’m down paying the price for something I love and must have.

This brings me to the Cielo couch set ($599-899). If you saw my place you’d know I don’t have enough space for a full set so I went with just the love seat portion. It’s going to fit perfectly in my space. I’m hoping to get a nice shag rug of some sort to go under it.

If anyone has some good rug places with great prices let me know! I’ll write about the company as well as check out the shop.

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