Quantum Ethanol Fireplace

These types of things make me wish I lived somewhere other than Los Angeles. Living in a big city makes it hard to own cool items like this because people usually rent, not own.

Quantum, by Modern Elements, is a triangular fireplace perfect for anyone living in a modern styled home. Made from a black powder coated steel outer frame and a stainless steel inner. Below you will find the specs and info about Modern Elements fireplaces.

Colours: Black
Burner: 1 X 3 Litre Dual Layer Burner made of Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 40 X 36 X 11.2 Inches
Weight: 31 KG

Modern Elements ethanol fireplaces do not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply which makes it ideal for almost any architectural environment (condo, single family home, restaurants, hotels etc..). The fireplaces are fuelled by a renewable modern energy named Denatured Ethanol, which burns free, emits no fumes, environmentally friendly and is virtually maintenance free.

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