Spinnaker chair. Create your own!

Grab your eReader, blanket, and relax in the Spinnaker Chair. Each chair is unique, using authentic boat sails for the backing. You can even change the back text to whatever letters, numbers, or symbols your heart desires. Get fancy and make it your own to fit your lifestyle.

If you want to go full laziness I would recommend pairing it with the Spinnaker Footstool.

Full Customization

These chairs are truly custom. When you head over to their Customize Chair page you’ll notice the options are practically endless. Want your cushion to have a patterned fabric rather then leather? Or maybe you would rather have a black frame then a white one? No problem! The one thing you should know is that the text options are slightly limited. You can only write so much and choose between 2 fonts. Either way I think it’s an awesome idea being able to customize your own chair.

Check out what I created messing around with their custom chair site. Maybe I’ll get this for the office?

Try customizing your own chair like the one I did above! Spinnaker Chair Designer

Check out some more photos from their gallery below.

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