The Manly Man’s Cave

There are times when bachelors want to go out on the prowl in search of a good time, whether it be dancing at a hot club, drinking at a great bar or spending time with friends at a sporting event.

Even the most on-the-go of bachelors wants to have time to himself, however, or even time to spend with friends in his so-called “man cave”. There are a few stereotypes every bachelor pad has… a pinup poster of a swimsuit model, plenty of beer stocked in the refrigerator, and the latest in video-game technology.

Man Cave

How do you make a bachelor pad funky and exciting? There are many ways to do it, some a little pricier than others but all with the same idea. Making your man cave a little different and a little out of the ordinary is the whole idea behind attracting attention. Who knows? Maybe your future dates you bring over to your bachelor pad will like what you’ve done with the place and not want to change a thing.

A small room in your place could be renovated into a beer cooler. Why put beer in the refrigerator when you can create a room with a chilled temperature and store cold drinks inside? Cold beer tastes better, but if you’re not in a beer mood just yet the same cooler could store cold beverages like soda and water. Still, showing off a cooler with beer to bachelor friends or a girl who wants a cold brew is something you don’t find every day.

Anybody can light up a room with ordinary bulbs. Neon signs and lighting give a place a kitschy effect, but neon is a little more expensive than ordinary lighting to use. Unless you want your electric bill to rise considerably, don’t utilize too many of these signs at one time. If neon isn’t your idea of a way to light a room, use fluorescent lighting above or track lighting at the bottom of the walls. Anything that makes a room light up a bit differently may be considered funky by your friends.

Man Cave

Have a few decals on the wall. Video-game characters like Mario are retro but understood enough by today’s generation. Use a decal from the game Halo. There are several different games in the Halo series, and since it has been around for a decade chances are today’s young bachelors (and even a few older ones) have played the series.

Set up a home theater. The biggest statement in setting up the perfect man cave is having a major sound system with quadraphonic speakers and an HD ready television with all the sports and movie packages. But it can be a bit expensive, and there is a guide on TheaterSeatStore to give you a better idea. Home theaters are the ultimate in man cave-ness.

Depending on how much you want to do to decorate the man cave, you could use a little cash. If you have some available funds in the bank, tap into them. If not, then it might be time to use a credit card. Comparing credit cards in your account or cards you want to apply for can teach a little bit about finances at the same time, and finding the best cards to finance your purchase is always good for saving a little money along the way.

Man caves are good for getting away from it all, either alone or with friends. Of course, that special someone may come along who loves what you have done to your place. Maybe that’s a keeper.

Joe Miragliotta is a caffeine addict, social media freak and a tech junkie. When first creating the concept was small; Post diary-like content to share with the world of all things he was into. Now it's grown to be much more than that. You'll find travel, food & drink, design, tech, entertainment and more!

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