Träullit Dekor

I have officially died and gone to design heaven. Träullit Dekor is my newest obsession to spice up my creative space. This natural material is environment friendly, recyclable, and made from wood wool, cement and water. But that’s not all.

Träullit Dekor is a moisture regulating material that evens out the airs humidity in a room. This helps keep a pleasant indoor climate which benefits both your comfort and health. It’s high pH level also fights potential mould outbreaks.

Another favorite feature coming from these little wonders are the energy saving benefits. They store heat from the ambient air and emits them when the temperature in the room falls. Thus contributing to lower energy costs, and reduced environmental impact.

I’m really looking forward to getting these in my office space. I think it will be one of the better decor elements I’ve added!

Check out their site to learn more.

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