I’m all for doing good and helping others, whether it’s donating my time or money. A close friend of mine (Kelly Newman) turned me on to FLY CANVAS recently and I fell in love. What better way to help a child in need, then empowering them with the gift of knowledge.

“Before we can help, we must first know.”

At FLY CANVAS, you will receive much more than the feeling of accomplishment of helping someone in need, you will receive a handwritten letter from the students and teachers you’ve helped. Along with one of their many handcrafted products you can purchase, you’ll receive a booklet filled with notes and stories from the people your contribution has affected. Their initiative isn’t just to make you look your best, it’s to give you the opportunity to touch someone else’s life.

If you are still not convinced why FLY CANVAS is a great company, here are some notable attributes to know about their product:

  • Limited edition runs of handcrafted carry goods made from a combinations of new used and repurposed materials. First run: reclaimed airplane upholstery in the Alton haversack and second-hand vintage hawaiian shirts in the Townsend Wallets.
  • Alternative spin on social business. Different model & mindset: know who you’re giving to (letter writing & photo projects)
  • Empowering underprivileged children with the gift of education. Empowerment > Giving.
  • Mellow grassroots brand, inside and out: partnerships with small organizations, company growth.


Feel free to scour their site and see all of their goodies. I’m personally looking forward to getting my hands on one of their bags. I will carry it with pride knowing I’ve helped a child learn.

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