Introducing KLUTCHmen

When KLUTCHclub founder Julie Bashkin founded her health/wellness/fitness gift box subscription brand in April 2012,  she knew she had a deep understanding of women and their health needs, as she was creating a product she herself would use. What she didn’t know is that she would get a flood of emails, calls and social media requests re “why is there no men’s box”? It was a great question, and KLUTCHmen was born in September 2012!


KLUTCHmen is a monthly subscription service that sends a curated and “themed” box of health, fitness and wellness products right to your doorstep every month,  making it a no brainer to incorporate healthier choices with ease. You’ll learn about new, niche brands and products that suit your lifestyle, and also get access to exclusive deals and offers from companies that share your values. The best part is that each box is full of $50+ of products, but only costs around $17 each!

While women have a bevvy of sources for finding the latest and greatest fitness gadgets and healthy products (and are open to experimenting and discovering new products), guys often end up just using what’s most convenient.  Now, health and fitness savvy guys can subscribe to the KLUTCHmen box, which is curated by “regular guys” and team of advisors and consultants, to 1) keep subscribers from having to scout out info on the latest health and fitness products/services on their own, and 2) help ensure the right mix of products for each box. Plus, KLUTCHmen subscribers can request specific products and brands they’d like to try – giving everyone valuable input into future boxes.

KLUTCHmen’s team lead Marques Torbert, a tri-athlete and graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Business School, is an investment banker and private equity executive who relates to professional men who are too busy to research products that fit their exercise and diet needs. Brand advisors like trainer Marco Borges, who’s worked with Beyonce and Jay-z, and a team of top physicians, physical therapists and surgeons provide unparalleled insight into product ingredients and workouts.

In addition to the internal team, KLUTCHclub will feature a KLUTHCHman of the Month, an “ordinary guy” who is the epitome of health and wellness. The KLUTCHman will come from different backgrounds (corporate, athlete, fitness expert, philanthropist, service worker, etc.) but all will be doing great things in the world, while keeping health and fitness top priority.

The KLUTCHman will also share tips on how they stay healthy and fit, what workout routines they adhere to, life mantras they swear by, foods that keep they feeling good, etc.

September’s KLUTCHman is Keith Zeier, former Special Ops Marine who was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. After three surgeries and debilitating pain in his knee, Keith ran a 100 mile ultra-marathon in ’09 to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). At mile 75, he was treated for dehydration and exhaustion and EMTs recommended he be taken to a hospital.  Keith not only finished the race, he raised $85,000 for the SOWF cause. Keith has since had his leg amputated, and he continues to inspire those around him on a daily basis.

The debut KLUTCHmen box is chock full of good-for-you products including iBodyFit workouts, eBoost energy, Health Warriors Chia bars, Popcorners, Cremo Cream shave cream, Dream Water natural sleep aid, and more. Plus, when users enter the code “SOWF5” during checkout, the brand will donate 5% of September’s proceeds to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).

To join, simply go to, select a membership level, then kick back and enjoy a box of goodies automatically delivered to their doorstep every month. You can preview the next month’s offering online anytime, and purchase one-, three- or twelve-month subscriptions.

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