Shellback Rum Closes Out Social media Week 2012

Shellback Rum Hut

Guests of the official closing party for Social Media Week Los Angeles were graced with Shellback Rum’s launch last Friday night. They enjoyed a simulated boat race by the Shellback-sponsored ORACLE Team and had the opportunity to share their experiences in a video confession booth after. Some of the rum tasters even received co-branded “Shellbacker” boat shoes for trying the simulation.

The mixologists created custom Shellback Rum cocktails: Tiki Screwdriver and Stormy Seas.

 Shellback Rum Recipes
Shellback Rum Bottles
Shellback Rum Drink
Shellback Girls
Madame Tussauds Social media Week
Ayden Oracle USA
Social media Week closing party girl
Oracle USA boat
Kelsey and Ayden\Kelsey Darragh - Social Media Week
Kelsey and Ayden
Shellback Rum Girls

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