Thoughts on Halo 4

The long wait is over and Halo 4 is finally here. I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and played the hell out of it. A question stirring on many fans’ minds: “Is it as good as the original Halo (1 2 or 3) or is it similar to Reach?” Unfortunately, it is very similar to Reach, and it includes tons of additional features to Master Chief that the casual Halo player may cringe at (jet packs, armor, boost, hologram and more). I myself am not a fan of Reach at all, and was completely turned off by it because it was so different than that of what Halo was originally sought out to be. Graphics however, are breathtaking. Makes you wonder why other games cannot spend time making everything look so gorgeous. Eye candy galore!

Master Chief Halo 4

The control layout is very different to Halo 3. I attempted to change it to classic mode but it was nowhere to be found due to the additional Master Chief capabilities (mainly the new equipment). There is however an option to make the control layout almost identical to that of Call of Duty. Like air strikes? After an “x” amount of kills, you can call in an Ordinance which will drop you a wicked sweet gun similar to a rail gun. Speaking of guns, there are MANY new and exciting ones to choose from. The alien guns are absolutely crazy in Halo 4. There’s one gun that will disintegrate the opponent (and it looks awesome!). There are new snipers, new kinds of battle rifles, new shotguns, new pistols and new missiles; In addition to all the regulars of course.

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New multiplayer game modes add an additional layer of fun to the trash talking. I didn’t have a chance to play on Xbox Live, but when playing locally with friends, we had a blast. Maps are vast, and look incredible. All vehicles return with an additional surprise: robots! There’s a robot that you can hop on and control that’s equipped with missiles and a machine gun. You can also stomp out players and other vehicles if they get too close. This was ultimately badass. But be careful, where there is a robot, there are explosive weapons to blow the mofo up, so watch your back!

Halo 4 Robot

Halo 4 was definitely A LOT of fun. But Halo 1, 2 or 3 fans may be disappointed as it is very different. Halo 4 feels (not story, just gameplay) more of an extension of Halo Reach than Halo 3. Learning curve is minimal since I am an avid COD player and was able to change the control scheme to something similar. I must say, I did not think a company other than Bungie could carry a heavy burden of a franchise like Halo but 343 Industries did a great job. I recommend picking up this bad-boy when it drops Nov 6th if you don’t wanna be an outcast.

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