Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #3

Week #3 of the Inspirational Round-Up series. How’s everyone enjoying them? Hope you enjoy my picks so far. Don’t forget to email me at tips@joesdaily.com for any cool things you come across and think it would be worth writing about. I’ll give credit where credit is deserved.

Striking Beauty at the Circus by Steven Meisel

The amazing fashion photographer Steven Meisel shoots british model Karen Elson for Vogue Italia. She looks amazing in D&G, Blumarine, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I love the bright colors and pastel style they chose for the shoot.

[via MyModernMet]

Scarlett Johansson by Craig McDean

Despite her horrible acting the girl does give good face. After recently watching her on the latest SNL I figured I’d go out and look for a picture her that inspired me. She is a beauty and probably makes Ryan Reynolds extremely happy…in the sack :)

[via TouchPuppet]

Pixelmator’s Awesome Office

This is the exact reason why I want to have my own office one day. You can tell the guys over at Pixelmator really love Apple product. What design studio doesn’t? Pixelmator has partnered with Abduzeedo to give away one copy of their photo editing software. You have to check out their office! It’s definitely inspiring and must be a blast to work at.

[via Abduzeedo]

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