Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #4

Week#4 of the Inspirational Round-Up. Okay, if you’re an avid viewer of JoesDaily you would know I just lied. Because of the Holiday week we all had I got caught up with that and skipped a week of inspiration. But fear not, I’m always being inspired each day.

Sibling Rivalry by Bryce Wymer

There’s not much to say about this piece but how amazing it is. The detail Bryce puts into his work is superb. If you aren’t inspired by this then I don’t know what will get your mojo going. Look at the dress..such intricate detail! This makes me want to whip out my moleskin notebook and start doodling. I use to draw for hours and now I can’t remember the last time I picked up a pencil.

[via BryceWymer]

Untitled by Jonatan Cantero

Such an amazing illustrator. From my knowledge this picture doesn’t have a name but just a part of his series of illustrations he whips out. This brings me back to my Digital Coloring classes in college. Such a great style this guy has. It definitely reminds me of the Japanese anime style you see.


This site is an inspiration explosion. My good friend just launched the site and now it’s a daily visit in my blog-roll. Read more of what I have to say about the site [intlink id=”10889″ type=”post” target=”_blank”]here[/intlink] or just go straight to it!

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